Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Speed and velocity

perhatian pelajar 4um dan 4ukm
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sebelum 23 oktober 2009

1. Define distance and displacement
~ Distance between two points is the path traveled by the object.
~ Displacement is distance in a specified direction.

2. Define speed and velocity, and state that v= s/t
~ Speed is the rate of change of distance and can be expressed as:
~Speed = distance / time

~ Velocity is the rate of change of displacement and can be expressed as:
~ Velocity = displacement / time , or
~ v = s/t

3. calculate speed and velocity
a. Which of the following is not a scalar quantity?
Distance / Speed / Velocity

b. What is the speed of cheetah if it sprints 100 m in 4s?
( Tips: check units before do your calculation )

c. The diagrams below shows a ticket tapes .

i) Time interval between each dot.
ii) Time taken from A t B.
iii) Distance covered from A to B.
iv) Velocity


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