Monday, April 5, 2010

PEKA - Electromotive force and Internal Resistance

Aim :

To study the relationship between the potential difference and current of the dry cells


The potential difference across the terminals of dry cells decrease when the current supplied by the cells increase .


Manipulated: Current, I
Responding: Potential difference across the terminals, V
Constant: Dry cell used


Dry cells, ammeter, voltmeter, rheostat, resistor, switch, connecting wires


1. A circuit as shown in the diagram above is set up.
2. The switch is started. The rheostat is adjusted until the ammeter reading shows 0.2 A. The voltmeter reading is recorded.
3. Step 2 is repeated with current values of 0.3 A, 0.4 A, and 0.5 A.
4. A graph of V against I is plotted. The slope of the graph is calculated and the V-crossing is extrapolated.

Internal resistance, r = slope value
Electromotive force, E = V-crossing

The hypothesis is accepted, from the experiment, the potential difference across the dry cells when the current supplied increases.


ゆき Yuki said...

How about the graph? How does the graph look like? Is the y is proportional to -x plus a constant? Can you post the graph for the PEKA electromotive force and internal resistance? And, can I write this sentence : "To determine the e.m.f and the internal resistance of a cell" as the aim for this PEKA? Please help me...

Fizik said...

more info in this link.

Anonymous said...

what about the other

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