Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tips for Physics Paper 1 and paper 2

Paper 1

1. Cancel or mark (x) which is wrong option then choose.

2. Always refer the formula given on formula list.

( one step calculation only because 1 question = 1 mark)

3. Blacken each finished answer immediately.

Paper 2

1. Definition of the term in Physics. ( please refer to text book)

Force, work, power, momentum, inertia, impulsive force, coherent, pressure, temperature and heat...

2. The principle in Physics and application.

Force in equilibrium, thermal equilibrium, Pascal's principle, conservation of momentum.

3. The Law in Physics and application.

Hooke's Law, Ohm's Law, Charles Law, Boyle's Law, Newton"t first law, Newton Second Law...

4. Drawing skills ( Use pencil, ruler and other suitable drawing tools)

Total internal reflection, ray diagram, interference , field circuit, refraction of wave, circuit...

5. Graph skills

Axis, plotting, scale, straight or curve line, gradient , extrapolation.


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