Thursday, January 14, 2010

At The Beach

Berikut merupakan jawapan untuk muka surat 14. ( Tingkatan 5 )

The figure shows water waves from the sea advancing towards a bay and a cape.

a) Why are the speed and wavelength of waves in the middle of the sea almost uniform?

b) Why do the distances between the wavefronts decrease as the waves approach the beach?

c) Why is the water in the bay stationary compared at the cape ?

Suggested answers :

a) The depth of the water in the middle of the sea is almost uniform.

b) On approaching the beach, the depth of the water decreases. The speed of the waves decrease and the wavelength is decreased.

c) The depth of the of the water varies across the area of he bay and the energy of the water wave spreads to wider area as compared to the he region near the cape.
( refer to the figure about )
The amplitude of the water waves near the bay is low and hence the water at the bay is comparatively still.


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