Thursday, January 13, 2011

1.1 Understanding Physics

In physics, we study natural phenomena and the properties of matter.
The aim of physics is to explain the fundamental nature of the universe by using the concept of physics.
Physics involves the conduct of studies and experiments to find answers to the question ‘Why?’and ‘How?’ in relation to the mysteries of the universe.
The majority of natural phenomena can be explained using the principles of physics, for example;
i) Shadows are formed because light travel in straight line.
ii) Black objects are black because almost all the light that falls on them is absorbed.

Fields of study in physics
  1. Force and motion - investigates the action of force and motion.
  2. Forces and pressure- pressure, pressure in liquids, gas pressure, atmospheric pressure, Pascal’s principle, Archimedes’ principle, Bernoulli’s principle.
  3. Heat- Studies the influence of heat on different types of matter.
  4. Light - explains the different phenomenon due to light.
  5. Electricity and electromagnetism- investigates the interactions of electric and magnetic fields.
  6. Electronics - studies the use of electronic devices in various field.
  7. Waves - understands the properties of different types of waves and their uses.
I Know it :

The following diagrams show some of the natural phenomena and occurrences around us. Find out the related field of study in Physics.


Car racing .
Field: _____________

Field :______________


Communication using mobile phone.
Field : ________________

Shadows show ( Wayang Kulit )
Field: _________________


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