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Damping and resonance in an oscillating system

Damping and Resonance in an oscillating system

Damping simulation :
Click this link to find out effect of damping to energy, velocity and acceleration of the system.
set Y as position ( displacement of load), X as responding variables. Observe the pattern of the graph.

When damping occurs in an oscillating system, energy is lost to the surroundings, causing the amplitude of the oscillation to decrease.

When resonance occurs, the frequency of the forced vibration is equal to the natural frequency of the system. this causes the system to vibrate at maximum amplitude.

Virtual Lab in You-tube

1. Barton's Pendulum

Choose the correct answer.

A system vibrates with a natural frequency. If a forced vibration of the same frequency is given to the system, what will happen ?

Tips : The forced vibration is the same as the natural frequency of the system .

a. Damping
b. Resonance
d. Natural frequency
d. Vibration

2. When does an oscillating system experience damping ?
a. when the amplitude of the oscillation decreases.
b. when the period decrease.
c. when the frequency increases.
d. when the amplitude remains constant.

3. Which of the following graphs shows greater damping effect?


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